Friday, January 19, 2018

January 19, 2018


Due to the inconsistency of school days this week, we will continue working on j for phonics, t and a for handwriting and the word like next week.

We made Valentine cards for the troops today with our buddies. The children were SUPER creative and are sure to bring a smile to a member of our armed forces' face next month!

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, January 12, 2018

January 12, 2018


I hope you all enjoyed listening to your child read their "just right" books this week. The children were so excited to tell us who they read to and how happy you all were. 

Here is what we have been up to this week:

Readers' Workshop: We spent some time looking at more challenging books and talked about their characteristics. The children noticed more challenging books have; more words, new words, less pictures, longer words and more print that gets smaller. They are excited to tackle some more challenging books. 

Writers' Workshop: We ran a little behind with writing this week. Our writers added cover pages to their list books and we wrote a class list book. Our Narrative unit will begin next week.

Math Workshop: The children began their journey into 2 digit numbers. We have been working on sequencing numerals 10-19. The children noticed all teen numbers begin with a 1 (have a 1 in the tens place) and they noticed 10,11, and 12 are rule breakers! They don't have "teen" in their names. 

Visual Arts: Everyone painted peace signs to celebrate the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They have also been making and painting snowmen. 

Science: Our force and motion unit began with some time to explore with a variety of building supplies and many different balls and vehicles.  

Books We Read: Martin's Big Words, Thelma the Unicorn, Hello Snow!, Ten on the Sled

Donation Request: Valentine stickers

Up-Coming Events:

  • Word of the week- like
  • Handwriting- t & a
  • Phonics- j
  • No school- Monday, 1/15
Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Friday, January 5, 2018

January 5, 2018

Happy New Year!

January is a super busy month for kindergartners! We will be doing lots of mid-year assessing. The growth will be reported on progress reports which will be sent home 2/2/18. Be on the look out for Book Bags to be coming home starting next week. The children are exited to share their reading work with you.  

Here is a summary of what we are working on in the coming weeks:

Readers' Workshop: We are wrapping up Unit 2 and will begin Unit 3 "Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles" next week. 

Writers' Workshop: The children chose their favorite list book to fancy up (edit) next week. We will begin our next unit, which is personal narrative, sometime next week. 

Math Workshop: I am in the process of doing end-of-unit assessments for our geometry work. Our next unit is "Numbers 10-20 and Counting to 100." 

Science: The children will be learning about force and motion using ramps and balls. We will begin our learning with this science unit next week. 

Up-Coming Events:

  • Word of the week- to (continued) and it
  • Handwriting- s, v &w
  • Phonics- ch
  • No school- Monday, 1/15
Have a great weekend!

Friday, December 8, 2017

December 8, 2017


It's sounding like snow is on the way! Once there is snow on the ground, the children will need snow pants, boots, hats and mittens to participate in outdoor recess. If they don't have the proper gear, they still go out for fresh air, but are required to remain on the paved part of the playground. As long as your child has sneakers here at school, you don't need to send in extra shoes each day. 

Readers' Workshop: Your fish super reader is learning how to use his/her voice to bring a book to life. Each time they re-read a just right book, they are beginning to work on fluency. The predictable patterns in their books help them to sing out familiar texts. We are also beginning to use punctuation to figure out how we can change our voice to show understanding of what we read. (ie. louder and excited voices when there is an exclamation point)

Writers' Workshop: This week the children were introduced with list books with a twist. The book follows a pattern until the last page where the pattern changes. (ie. I like___. I like___. I like___. But I don't like____.) The children learned about punctuation in reading this week, so we are beginning to remind them to use periods at the end of their sentences in their list books.

Math Workshop:  There were many math challenges this week. The children are learning many different ways to solve simple math word problems. They are using 10 frames, number lines, number bonds, pictures and numbers. The searched for and cut out triangles and circles in magazines. They created pictures using shape tracing templates and used smaller shaped pattern blocks to see how many ways they could make a hexagon.

Visual Arts: There is gingerbread art everywhere! We have gingerbread boys, girls and houses on display. The children are even creating gingerkids with our playdough.

Some Stories We Have Read: Gingerbread Baby, The Gingerbread Girl, The Gingerbread Bear & The Gingerbread Boy

Up-coming Events:
  • Word of the Week-the
  • Phonics- superstar u
  • Handwriting- A and I
  • Early Release- Wednesday, 12/13
  • Class Gingerbread Party- Thursday, 12/21 at 2:00
  • Holiday Vacation- 12/25-1/1

Monday, December 4, 2017

December 4, 2017

Math Center Time

Growing and repeating patterns

Using a geoboard app

Finding triangles in magazines

Friday, December 1, 2017

December 1, 2017

Hello Fish Families.

We have begun our month-long study of the gingerbread folktale. There are many versions of this story that we will be comparing/contrasting. We will also be doing lots of gingerbread art.

Readers' Workshop: We are in the middle of our Super Power unit. The children are learning a new reading power almost every day, so be sure to ask them all about what they are learning. This week we introduced pointer power, re-read power, partner power, picture power, (beginning) sound power and snap word power. 

Writers' Workshop: We are writing list books! The children are using sight words and patterns to write the type of books they are reading. (ie. I see a house. I see a car. I see a tree.)

Math Workshop: We began our geometry unit. The children are exploring with and talking about shapes. They are using lots of math vocabulary.  (ie. lines, angles, curves, sides, same, alike, different) We are also using shapes to make patterns. 

Visual Arts: We have been painting and using shapes to make winter trees and snowkids. 

Some Stories We Have Read: The Gingerbread Man, The Ninjabread Man, The Pigeon Needs a Bath, The Shape of Things, Circus Shapes

Up-coming Events:
  • Word of the Week-is
  • Phonics- l and r
  • Handwriting- G and S
  • Early Release- Wednesday, 12/13
  • Class Gingerbread Party- Thursday, 12/21 at 2:00
  • Holiday Vacation- 12/25-1/1
Have a nice weekend.

Friday, November 17, 2017

November 17, 2017

Happy Friday Everyone!

Progress Reports can be found in your child's folder today. We don't report grades during the first marking period due to conferences. The progress reports are printed to report first quarter attendance. Please sign and return the envelope to school as soon as possible. We re-use them each quarter. The progress report is yours to keep.  Thank you!

Up-coming Events:
  • Fish Class Breakfast- Tuesday, 11/21 starting at 8:00 in our classroom
  • Thanksgiving Break- 11/22-11/24
  • Word of the Week-I
  • Phonics- m and n
  • Handwriting- C, O and Q
  • SMS Book Fair- 11/27-12/1
  • FISH CLASS Book Fair shopping- Thursday, 11/30 from 2:15-2:45
  • Early Release- Wednesday, 12/13